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McCorkel Construction Services, Inc.

Common Land Clearing Methods

Aug 12, 2018 | Main Blog

Steven Monroe

Clearing undeveloped land is a common concern for landowners that want to begin using the property. Removing weeds, brush, and difficult vegetation can be an arduous task, but add that to the removal of unwanted trees, and the job becomes a laborious process that may require the services of a company with the equipment to do the removal quickly and efficiently. Here are the most common methods many experts use for land clearing.

Cut and grind land clearing comes in two forms. The first method removes brush and weeds as usual, but large machinery is then used to cut down the area trees and move them to another zone to be processed. The stumps are left in the ground and are sometimes ground into mulch or pulled out using large backhoes, bulldozers, or trucks.

The second method of cut and grind is often called forestry mowing. This involves using giant grinders that mow down everything on the land, from the smallest weeds to medium sized trees. After mowing the growth down, the machine grinds everything into mulch. Tree stumps are not removed using this method, but rather they are cut level with the soil surface and left to decompose.

Pushover land clearing involves using large machinery to push trees over with the roots intact and then move them to a central location off site. This type of removal may leave large holes in the ground where trees once stood, but the holes will become immediately apparent, and can quickly be dealt with using a bulldozer or backhoe. Brush and weeds must be removed separately when using the pushover process.

Land clearing using a bulldozer is effective for large growths such as trees, brush, and tall vegetation. Although often used, this method can damage the top layer of soil as the large machine strips the plants and trees from the ground and moves them into a huge pile to be dealt with later by burning or burying.


Source: Eagle Quality


  1. I have enjoyed reading the information about land clearing. Really, the entire discussion is more helpful and all the tips are more effective too. I am very glad to go through this kind of helpful article. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

  2. I have enjoyed reading the information about land clearing. Really, the entire discussion is more helpful and all the tips are more effective too. I am very glad to go through this kind of helpful article. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

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  5. Thank you for telling me that we’ll have to use large machinery in order to push through with the land clearing job that we want to accomplish. We own a small lot next to our house and since it is filled with tree stumps and other kinds of debris, we need to get rid of them so we can turn it into a landscape that my mother had always wanted. It might be better to rent some power equipment that we can use for this job so it would be easier for me and my father.


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