Samples Of Some Of Our Residential and Commercial Construction Projects

The Craighead House

renovated 19th century home in the woods

Craighead House, on the Yellow Breeches Creek south of Carlisle, PA, is on the Cumberland County Register of Historic Places and is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Built in 1886, this became, around 1920,  the summer home of the “Craighead Naturalists” that included Twins Frank and John who were the first US falconers to train Cooper’s Hawks, writing articles for National Geographic and several books.  They wrote a significant portion of the US Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968 and pioneered grizzly bear research in Yellowstone Park.  Their sister, Jean Craighead George wrote Newbery winners My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves among more than 100 children’s nature books.

When a charitable foundation was formed to save the old house from ruin, Joe Mccorkel was asked to volunteer as consultant and project manager, and to bid on its various renovation projects.  In addition to countless hours of advice and oversight of other subcontractors, the “sleeping porch”, handicap access, and porch restoration was entirely the work of McCorkel Construction. (See photos) Not visible is the interior structural work that was needed to prevent the collapse of this neglected Victorian masterpiece.

Work is ongoing as private donations continue to accumulate, and various public and private grants are awarded.

19th century home in a dilapidated state
A man standing in front of a home being renovated
An old house with trees in the background
19th century home in the begin phase of restoration
19th century home being remodeled close to completion
a completely renovated 19th century home with trees in the back

Home Renovation In Boiling Springs

A house that has a sign on the side of a road

It sat empty since 1974 when the owner passed away. The owner’s son lived in the house beside it but did not do anything with this house. It was left sit as it was then with all the furnishings, pots pans and dishes still in the sink, the refrigerator/freezer was still full of rotted food, and it had trash left in it because several vagrants lived there until they were caught and the son did repairs to it to lock them out.

We took 3 – 40-yard dumpsters full of trash, old furniture that was destroyed by raccoons, cats and mice, ceiling and wall plaster that was falling down   The roof was in bad shape and leaking, the cellar was filled with auto parts since the owner had an auto repair garage there. I completely gutted the interior of the the home, changed some interior walls around to make rooms more accessible and useful, added closets,  installed all new wiring and lighting, plumbing, insulation, windows and doors, drywalled it, installed a new bathroom and laundry room, put in a new kitchen, installed new trim  work, painted it, installed new flooring.

I also completely redid the exterior with a new roof and siding, put in a new garage, patio, grass, and landscaping.

A house on the side of a road
A lot with partial foundation and lift
Two story country home at dawn
A lot being cleared behind a house
Two story home with trees behind it
two story country home with construction cones in front

The Stover House

Custom home in the woods

The Stover’s approached me regarding building them a new home with a hand-drawn sketch of a floor plan for a new home on a sheet of notebook paper and a vision in their head. We took off from there to come up with a suitable plan.

I visited the home that they were currently living in, it was an old cabin that they had fixed up to look beautiful and they planned to tear it down! My first reaction was why would you tear down a home this beautiful? Then when I looked around I found out why “the beauty of the home was only cosmetics”.

The Stover’s wanted a home to look like it belonged in the woods and to look like a log cabin on the inside without the maintenance of a log cabin on the exterior.

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace
A patio with a wooden trellis
A home office filled with furniture and a fire place
A kitchen with a dining room table

The Goodling House

A front view of a house in the mountains
A house with trees in the fall
A view of a house from the back yard

The Goodling family contacted us regarding a vacant lot that they purchased at White Rock Acres, a development in Boiling Springs to build their new home (I had my eye on the lot for over a year thinking what a great place with a great view for building a home!)

The Goodling’s provided us with a plan that they liked. Due to the steepness of the terrain, the lot was used to dump a lot of dirt from within the development and make it into a desirable lot with a fantastic view.

We imported additional dirt to make the site suitable for the Goodling’s vision of what they wanted the lot to look like in the end.

East High Street Carlisle Sports Complex and Warehouse

A house that has a sign on the side of a road

The building was sitting empty for several years and was starting to deteriorate due to no maintenance. We met with the owner who wanted to divide the building into 7 suites for various businesses. A realtor was working to secure tenants for the building, we started working on bringing the building up to code. As we were working on the building the realtor started getting leases for several tenants which really had us busy now trying to get the different suites ready for the tenant’s different needs.

The building has 4 different tenants renting 6 of the 7 suites. We had to install all new water service from the street into the buildings as the water supply lines were not large enough to handle the additional water supply to handle the requirements for sprinklers for the building.

The sewer lines also had to be updated as the existing buried line was clogged and it was collapsing at various areas. The owner wanted to use the existing exterior to preserve the historic architecture wherever possible and also keep most of the brick interior exposed as much as possible on the brick section of the building.

A house on the side of a road
A lot with partial foundation and lift
Two story country home at dawn
A lot being cleared behind a house
Two story home with trees behind it
two story country home with construction cones in front